Snooker cues

We have signed up the only Australia dealership with YC.Power custom made cues. We can also order lots of other top brand from Europe.We also have a few top hand made cues with snooker masters( such as Neil Robertson, Ken Doherty, Shaun Murphy) 's real signature on them. Great for your cue collections.

9 Ball Cues

We are also one of Predator dealers in Australia. All new Predator IKON 2nd Generation are here. We also order other brands(Poison, Universal, Lucasi and so on) 9 ball Cues for our customers.

Cue accessories

Things like all sorts of Cue cases, chalk holders, cue extensions, gloves and other accessories, we've got them all.

Cue repairing service

We also supply cue repairing service. We have cue fixing machines for both 9 ball cues and snooker cues.